Polycarbonate Sheet Plays A Key Role In The Epidemic Prevention

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In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic(CONVID-19) raged around the world, and the world economy was in a standstill. This is an unprecedented global crisis, promoting the progress and development of the times, changing people's lifestyle, affecting our values and Rethinking the meaning of life.In this global epidemic, there is also a kind of plastic material, polycarbonate sheet, which silently benefits mankind.

Polycarbonate sheet is made of polycarbonate resin with advanced formula and latest extrusion technology. Polycarbonate sheet is a new type of environmental protection material with high strength and light transmission, and it is the best material to replace glass and plexiglass. In addition, Polycarbonate sheet also has light weight, weather resistance, super strength, flame retardant, sound insulation and other excellent performance, a wide range of applications.

In the early stage of the epidemic, when people focused on the masks, forehead thermometer, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials, the goggles and face shields made of polycarbonate solid sheet have played an important role in the first line of fighting the epidemic, blocking direct contact and effectively preventing the spread of the virus. The face shield is generally made of polycarbonate sheet with thickness of 0.5mm~1.2mm.

With the effective control of the epidemic situation, some European and American countries, such as the United States, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland and other countries have actively formulated strategies to promote the resumption of production in some industries. The first batch of resumption targets are mainly shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, and some government units. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, the transparent protective screen made of polycarbonate solid sheet began to be placed on the counters(tables). It is like the glass, but it has the advantages of easy processing and resistance to smashing and not fragile. (The thickness is mainly 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm.) At the same time, acrylic sheet has also become a hot commodity in the market. Compared with polycarbonate solid sheet, it also has the advantages of high transparency and easy processing, but its toughness is poor, impact strength is not as good as polycarbonate solid sheet, and it is easy to break.

As countries around the world gradually relax the blockade, resumption of work and resumption of school has been put on the agenda, and countries are preparing for the corresponding protection work. There is a huge demand for high transparent and high-strength protective screen (shield) made of polycarbonate sheets. Up to now, our factory has received more than 2000 tons of relevant polycarbonate solid sheet orders, and all the machines in the workshop are operating at full load, competing against the clock, striving to provide high-quality and qualified protective products for the resumption of work and school in the world. We are confident in this. All our raw materials are from imported Covestro and SABIC polycarbonate resin. At the same time, the surface of the our sheets contains UV resistant coating, which effectively blocks the UV radiation, and can achieve the quality assurance of more than 10 years of outdoor service life (more than 20 years of indoor service life). If you are interested in our polycarbonate sheet, you are welcome to contact and negotiate at any time.

Newsauthor: Young Zhou

Date: May 12, 2020


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