Integrity management, mutual benefit and common development

   Product development

   How big the heart is, the way forward will be.

   Continuous innovation, never satisfied, believes that product innovation and product research and development are the fundamental guarantee for an enterprise to maintain its competitiveness and achieve sustainable operation. For many years, Shenghang has taken the plastic "Silicon Valley" as its unswerving ideal of struggle and strives forward.

product quality

    details decide the quality

    Facts have repeatedly proved that: product quality is the fundamental guarantee for enterprise development, scientific management, fine division of labor, and efforts to improve the level of professionalism. Shenghang Plastics believes that product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, starting from everything, paying attention to details, grasping quality, and winning market recognition with high-quality products.

Human Resources

    People-oriented, build a foundation

    Man is the spirit of all things. Only by doing so can we make strategizing in the market situation. Shenghang adheres to the true concept that talents are the foundation of survival outside the enterprise, and puts the development of talents into the long-term plan of enterprise development. Over the years, Shenghang has continuously created a vigorous growth space for its employees and made it a new development source for the company's history.