Processing Technology of Sunlight Carport

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Construction work

(A) technical preparation

1. According to the Decoration Engineering stage measurement unwinding: At the same time, unified control lines and shafts of the building facade 50 lines and pops up the sun plate ceiling center line, will cause the outside of the beam to raise and play the sea pull line. According to the detailed design of the inspection structure based on the deviation, the detailed design scale.

2. Detailed design: According to the size and requirements of the construction design, combined with the layout design details and the size of the node design of the actual situation, the principle of the two ends of the layout of the board,

3. Open the sample processing orders: deepening the design, design review and approval before reversing the situation, the proposed method of arc galvanized side (rooftop), sun panels, aluminum gusset plate, plate processing convergence plan.

(2) Preparation of materials

1.16 mm, 20 mm thick honeycomb panel (plate).

2. Arc galvanized square method.

3. Articles Rubber.

4. Aluminum buckle cover.

5. Aluminum convergence.

6.60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm square steel pipe (galvanized).

(3) sun board on-site construction conditions to prepare

1. In the sun plate with steel frame construction scaffolding, should be from the top of the 1700 mm arc to strengthen the weir, spread the good foot pedal, set the ceiling ceiling ceiling position. Should pay attention to the installation of automatic trail product protection.

2. Winter protection resettlement 10 tons is complete.

Third, the sun plate construction methods

(A) construction sequence

Measurement of unwinding installation sun panels ceiling suburbs adjustment, leveling, fixed sun panels ceiling and installation of suburbs Pingyang whiteboard ceiling time frame, installation and outer rubber sun panels, installation and installation of sun panels, internal stratification, making gingival, Sunshine board roof eaves of the details of the adjustment and processing.

(2) the main construction technology of the sunboard board

1. The production line: according to the size of the drawing plate ceiling and the size of the sun, and determined to pop up the center line of the main skeleton line of the sunboard ceiling.

2. Embedded parts: according to the location of the elevation of the main plate of the ceiling of the ceiling, if there is a difference, should be cut off or the use of high-strength grade cement mortar paving treatment, to achieve strength after the details of the drawings according to the details of the drawings Line, and then drilled in the expansion bolts, the mounting plate and the expansion bolts are fixed. The main cast plate is then embedded in the centerline of the skeleton.

3. Installation of the skeleton: According to the plate ceiling the main pop-up position of the skeleton line, the finished part of the method, the human body in the position line 60 mm × 60 mm × 3 mm square steel pipe (galvanized) in the roof of the roof of the conference, Vertical column crane, embedded after welding between the temporary fixed steel plate. Both ends of the suburbs after pulling the height of both sides of the millimeter (from the highest number of both ends of the bearing steel) three vertical pond line, from one end to the other end of a complete installation, intermediate and 1500.

4. Installation of the skeleton: sun panels ceiling suburbs fixed installation, installation sun plate ceiling 60 mm × 60 mm × 3 mm industry time frame, and accurate position, after leveling, the main frame welding fixed. At the same time install the sun board, put the moisture agent.

5. Installation of external sun panels: According to the detailed design of the layout of the location, will be prepared to the appropriate size of 20 mm thick outside the installation of sun panels installed after the sun board edge, longitudinal seam, wire connector, see Figure 4.3-2.

6. Installed in the sun filled with the quality of the outer plate glue, the installation of layered: check the outer edge of the installation of sun panels, while playing against the durability of glue, the installation of special aluminum alloy layer. The mounting screw pitch and position stratification must meet the requirements specified on the drawing.

7. Install the inner layer of the sunboard: according to the location of the drawings, will be ready to install the sun liner lining size of 16 mm thickness, the plate should be installed with a white towel to wipe clean and clear, and at the same time, bright and sunny, clean , So as not to sandwich pollution can not be cleaned, affecting the impact of macroeconomic.

8. Make glue, install the layer: in a comprehensive inspection of the installation of the quality of the plate within the sun, the inner edge of the installation of sun panels, weathering glue on the more than a few resistance, the installation of special aluminum alloy layer. The level of the split screw must meet the desired position and drawings.

9. In the sun to complete all the installation board outside the eaves circumference, sun panels ceiling, must also be in accordance with the drawings node construction. All other closed behind (including the glass curtain wall head) can protect the tent from being removed. The protection of the tent must be removed from the scaffolding requirements, and the protection of the product to prevent the finished product from breaking.

Fourth, the sun board quality plate quality standards and quality assurance measures

1. Project arc steel structure production, installation quality, according to the steel structure construction and acceptance criteria, the implementation of working standards (GB50205-96).

2. Industry arc suburbs and steel components, according to the classification, model, installation pile up the order, easy access, do not stack the overlapping structure; the accumulation of arc (roof truss) method,

3. The suburban industry must check the geometry of the weld quality before installation, such as the location of the screw hole inspection, in full compliance with the design requirements.

4. Sun panels and cutting, transport, must ensure quality. Special attention should be paid to the sun, the head of the two ends, to ensure that no damage, to avoid air pollution inside the honeycomb.

5. Arc transport method, must be gentle to ensure that the collision, the sun long-distance transport, you must use the wooden box packaging board.

Sun board application:

Polycarbonate hollow board (sun plate, also known as glass pallets, PC into the corrugated cardboard) is a high-performance engineering plastics - polycarbonate (PC) resin processing, has a high transparency, good light quality, Noise, heat insulation, not easy to burn, anti-aging and so on

, Is a high-tech, comprehensive performance is extremely prominent, energy saving and environmental protection plastic plate, is currently widely used in international plastic building materials, there are other architectural materials (such as glass, plexiglass, etc.) can not match the advantages of being widely used In the greenhouse / industry

Factory building, decoration, advertising signboard, and bike shed, channel lighting rain pond house, commercial building background, exhibition lighting, lighting stadiums, swimming pool, warehouse lighting roof business, factory, sports lighting ceiling and shade canopy, agriculture Greenhouse, animal breeding, flowers

Awnings, kiosks, stations and other public facilities, expressway noise, advertising, decoration areas.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, is the pursuit of the goal: the Big Dipper Industrial Co., Ltd. production of sun panels with high transmittance, good, easy to burn B1 level, a huge impact resistance characteristics, such as energy construction, conservation and environmental protection design Provide the preferred material. Big Dipper Industrial Co., Ltd. Sunshine

The board uses Bayer and GE Group to produce polycarbonate (PC) as raw material, product quality is more guaranteed.

Polycarbonate (PC) board series:

PC is a new type, high strength, thermal insulation, light transmission, light building materials, is widely used in manufacturing limited company, riot shield, guardrail, car Peng lighting, lighting background, industrial plant, greenhouse canopy , Noise barriers, exhibition lighting, etc., PC board

Two solid stamens, corrugated cardboard or sunboard hollow.

PC hollow sun panels: PC board for single board and double board in addition to the US Major League Baseball, wave board, film in general.

P sunshine carport C hollow sunshine board color: transparent, blue, green, white, brown, gray.

PC hollow sunshine board Uses: interior decoration, architectural lighting works, agricultural greenhouse awnings, airports, railway stations, bus stations, signs advertising, light boxes, industrial thermoforming products.

PC hollow optical properties of the sun plate light transmittance: 50% to 92%.

PC impact resistance of hollow sunshine board: PC board impact resistance of the same thickness of ordinary glass 200 times, 30 times for plexiglass.

The weather can be: PC board can be maintained at 40 ℃ to 120 ℃ all physical indicators stable range.

Anti-condensation performance: outdoor temperature of 0 ℃, indoor temperature of 23 ℃, indoor relative humidity less than 80%, the material of the condensation of the inner surface.

Flame retardant properties: the national standard GB50222-95 confirmed that the sun plate fuel level, that B1 level.

Sound insulation performance: in the same thickness conditions, the sun noise board than the glass increased 3,4 dB.

Processing performance: single-layer PC board can be vacuum pressure and a variety of models processing parts, double-layer sunshine board shed PC board can also be in the normal temperature.